What is the Etiquette for…

What is the Etiquette for…

Most of you know I LOVE RUNNING!!!

What is the Etiquette for...

It helps me think, relax, and unwind.  To me it’s just a way of life.

Running provided quiet time for me when my littles were just babies.

What is the Etiquette for...

It was an outlet for me when I was going through chemo!!!  {see me running for the first time here} Not to mention some mom and son time!! 🙂

What is the Etiquette for...

{like my shirt?  My kids drive me to run lol}

Anyhow as you can see.  It’s me.  My one word I would use to describe myself.

With that being said…

It took me a while to get used to the etiquette.  Just like driving a car, boat, or bike there are certain things to be cautious about while running!!!

My Top 5 Running Rules!!!

1.  Always look for cars.  I know you area pedestrian but people aren’t looking for runners.  ALWAYS make sure people make eye contact with you when crossing the street or driveway.   Especially if you are pushing a stroller!!! YOU TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY!!!

2.  Always run against traffic.  This way you can see if a car is swerving or too close to you.

3.  On a sharp curve you can carefully switch to the other side of the street since it is super hard for you and cars to see each other.  {esp. in  a stroller since you tend to take up more of the street} Just remember to switch back.

4.  Always remember to alert the person in front of you by saying “On the left” when passing.  Nothing freaks people out more when you just run up behind them.

5.  When running on a greenbelt share the trails.  Stay to the right when running toward someone.  {Just like in a car}

Doing these simple things makes life easier on everyone and will allow you to have way more reasons to laugh in the future because they keep you and others SAFE!!  🙂

 What is the Etiquette for...

{thanks Angele Hamilton by the way for the above photo even though it was just a sneak peak and unfinished I had to share :)}

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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