This hair is…

This hair is…

I went running today and thought I was going to die.  No joke y’all.  I was thinking about what life would look like with out me. Lol  🙂

Here’s the deal…

I decided that I would go out for a 10 mile run at 9 AM. I dropped the kids off at school.  Came home and took off.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except it’s 100 degrees outside and my hair is about 15 inches thick.  {my kids say it’s clown hair}

This hair is...

ok so maybe not that thick but seriously it’s thick, curly, and HOT!!!

For those of you that don’t know I had cancer a few years ago and my hair was NOT curly before.  Anyhow I’m finding out that running with all this hair is totally different.

My  hair is stinkin HOT.  I began to not feel well around mile 7, so I took my hat off.  That’s when I realized my hair was smoken Hot.  It was like nothing I have ever felt.  I was sweating so much I felt like I was running in the shower.

I decided to take a break, drink some water, and pretend my shoe needed tying.  {I know someone knows what I’m saying here}  I needed a break.  As I stood back up and started running again this sweet girl runs by me all smiles and politely asks, “How’s it going?” as she sprinted off past me.

Really?  I know she was being sweet but I’m dying here and all I can think about is how my children will get picked up from school in the next few hours.  I really wanted to ask if I could get her to drag me home. 🙂

I must say it was one of the oddest experiences ever.  Anyhow I made it home FINALLY and cooled off.

Anyhow lesson learned.    I can NOT wear a normal hat when running.  For now on it must be a visor so my head can let heat out.

Have you ever had some odd experiences?!

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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