Thank You!!!

Thank you!!!

Tomorrow will be my last day training at Pine Forest Elem. for a while. {read more about that here}  I have surgery Tuesday so Lisa will finish up the week for me.

I’m nervous for this new chapter to unfold and a little antsy to see where God takes me.  I never like the transition time.  You know that time where you are just waiting to see where you are to go next.

But while I wait I’m thankful for the six years that hundreds of women

Thank You!!!

have trusted me with their fitness goals.

Thank You!!!

I’m thankful for your confidence in me.  I’m thankful for you employing me.

Thank You!!!

🙂  I’m thankful for your friendship.

Thank You!!!

I’m thankful for your prayers while I was sick.

Thank You!!!

I’m thankful for your support in my business.

Thank You!!!

I’m thankful for your support with my family.

We have had pregnancy’s, baby showers, weddings, funerals, sicknesses, hugs and so much more.  Just know that each of you hold a place in my heart.

Most of you know I would get to camp early every morning and do my Bible Study but I would also pray for you.  I would pray for your safety and for God to allow me to be a light in your day.

Thanks again for everything!!! I had a great time.  I’m not saying good bye forever, just for now.  I will still continue to do my blog, facebook, and of course I will always be your CHEERLEADER!!!!

Thank You!!!


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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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