Suffering Through It With A Single Step Of Faith!

Suffering Through It With A Single Step Of Faith!

Suffering stinks!! No matter if your watching a friend go through it. Going through it now, or just got out of it.  To me it’s not about the suffering it’s about what you did with the suffering!

Over the past few years I can say there has been a lot of suffering going on in our family!!  I often had people say to me “I don’t understand why God would allow all these crazy things to happen to such good people.”  I never really understood that  statement because suffering has to happen.  But it made me think….  What we {my family} went through is nothing compared to some.  Things could be way worse.

{For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about you can read more about it HERE!}

I was going through my journal last week and came across this statement / scripture.

I’m not sure why I’m going through this but what I do know is that being part of God’s family includes suffering. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future.”

I wrote that right after my first round of chemo.

Suffering Through It With A Single Step Of Faith!



Just shaved my head!


Suffering Through It With A Single Step Of Faith!



and my dad had just passed away.


Suffering Through It With A Single Step Of Faith!


It was odd that just the other day in bible study the same scripture was brought up. Our speaker explained God wants us to prosper but He didn’t say everything would be peachy to get there!!    {I added the peachy lol!!}

when I found out I had cancer my hope was that no matter what I would be a light for Jesus. As I look back I feel that through God I was.  For me meditating on His truths and promises was all I could do to get me through the tough times.

But I had a choice.  I could have been tempted to sit and throw a pity party or walk through it in poor spirits.  For me I knew I couldn’t  do either.  I had to choose to trust God and through Him I could take that next step of faith.  I needed hope, love, and reassurance that we could get through this.

I had to have faith that I wasn’t going through everything because God was mad or upset with me but for a greater reason.  I’m not sure what that greater reason is and I may never know, but I’m happy He chose me to be a fighter for Him!! { I wrote this several times throughout my journal}

Every time I read the above statement I laugh because all I can picture is Batman, Spider man,  Oprah {insert your favorite superhero here} asking someone to take one for the team. Most of us would be jumping at the chance for that. Right?

This made me think though….. Would you do it for one of those superheros?  If the answer is yes, why wouldn’t you be willing to do it for God? The greatest superhero of all.  Why is it that when God asks us to take one for the team we wonder why this is happening to me.  Does He not love me?

Every time people would say they don’t  understand why God would do all these things to good people. I would focus on the fact that I’m just taking one for the team!

Yes, that was much harder to do when my husband had a heart attack during all this mess.

Suffering Through It With A Single Step Of Faith!

All I could think about was what about our children?

Suffering Through It With A Single Step Of Faith!

but it was that single step of faith that kept us going!!!

Please don’t  miss the point here because I know when things happen they hurt and we get mad or sad.  My issues were way easier to get through than some.  Please understand these are just my thoughts.  My journal entries.  No judging on how others handle things just my thoughts and actions on how I got through things that hurt and stung in my life.

For me I had to ignore the temptation to sit still.  I had to ignore the temptation to go through all this mess mad.  I had to go through it with a smile on my face and say ok God what do you want me to do next. Give me a step. A piece of solid ground to step on for a minute.  Under His wing I was able to take shelter.  I knew He would not let me fall.

To sum things up.. I encourage you, that no matter where you are, get moving.  Some of us may be just starting our fitness journey. Some of us may have just had to face something horrible.  Some of us may have just received bad news.  Where ever you are my prayer is that you turn it from a negative to a positive.  Being productive helped me.  I didn’t want to miss the blessings through the suffering!!!

What are your thoughts?  How have you dealt with suffering?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!


Suffering Through It With A Single Step Of Faith!


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