So Here’s My Question?!

So Here’s My Question?!

Hi Y’all!!!

I hope your day has been AMAZING!!!!  Mine has been great.  But I really want to be back here

So Heres My Question?!

running on the beach in nice 80 degree temps.  🙂  No I’m just joking.  I mean I would but I’m enjoying today too. 🙂

Anyhow I received sooo many emails about my last post that I have decided to fill you in on some of my conversations with friends.

Many said they are doing everything they can to shed some unwanted pounds and they still aren’t changing or if they are it’s slow.  I know you are thinking what does this have to do with what time you should quit eating at night.  Well… nothing lol but it was a chance for people to just ask questions.

So here’s my question….

Are You Down & Out?  Do you find that you are exercising and exercising and nothing is happening.? 

If your answer is yes, let’s change it.   How you ask?  Well Let’s see…

I know many of you write down what you eat but are you writing down the crust you ate off of your child’s lunch you made?  lol   Are you writing down the things you have drank?  Remember everything has calories.  Except water 🙂  Are you remembering to put down the little bites of dinner you ate when you say “I’m just tasting it!”

Have you really worked harder on your cardio?  Are you actually working out 4-5 times a week?

Ok Ok I know these are some hard to swallow questions and the good thing is you don’t have to answer them out loud. Just try to be as honest as you can with yourself.

Sometimes when we make up our minds to do something we are taken to the wilderness to be tempted.  🙂   I know it’s unfair but you can no longer eat the crust off your kids lunch.  You can no longer take a heaping “taste” from you hubby’s dinner.  Remember everything has calories and every bite counts.

One friend said she never realized she did that and it added 400 calories to her day.  WOW … That’s a meal.

Also try writing down the days you work out or highlighting the days on your calender.  Sometimes our mind plays tricks and you think you went to workout 4-5 times that week but you actually hit snooze instead.   I do it too, but seeing it written out keeps us honest.  Leaving you to 3 days of working out not 4 or 5.

Also when you do make it to workout try walking/jogging  two steps faster.  Try working a little bit harder at boot camp .  If you do a sweat session add heavier weight or try to do the harder version of things.

These are all just some quick ideas to help you stay focused on reaching your goal!!!  Remember choose your HARD!! I hope these tips help keep you focused.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  I love hearing from you!! 🙂

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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