You Want Me To Do What?

Every morning I wake up early and do my Bible Study. Either before boot camp or before the kids wake up.  This is where I spend my time! Same time, same place, same box, same coffee mug!

You Want Me To Do What?

What a mess I make!

You Want Me To Do What?

Right now I’m doing Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  I love love love BSF. A few weeks ago we discussed waiting. Hmmmm. I hate waiting. How about you? I mean I’m so anxious the Keurig takes too long! Anyhow below are some of the blessings of waiting we discussed.

  • Waiting provides the excitement of anticipation and pleasure of curiosity
  • Waiting provides time for productivity
  • Planning and waiting heightens appreciation.
  • Waiting can be protection. This is especially true regarding interment relationships. In a time in which chastity is regarded as unrealistic, sex before marriage in most cases leads to regret, illness, or unplanned pregnancy. Waiting for intimacy until after exchanging vows heightens the joy of a new united life that is committed for a life time.
  • Waiting patiently also indicates maturity. As one of the fruits of the spirit , patience is an expression of a Christians maturity. Waiting requires self discipline. No one naturally wants to wait. That is why waiting requires sacrificing ones selfish desires and placing trust in Gods timing.

WOW. Isn’t that amazing?  I tend to try and do things on my timing. Not always do I look for help from God, but we should.  When He says wait we wait.  That would be a good time to apply one of the blessings of waiting from the above list.  I personally love the productive route. Anyone who knows me knows I am a busy body.  I can’t sit still.  I get antsy.  Give me a job because I can only clean the baseboards with a toothbrush or vacuum the walls so many times.  🙂 Yes, I’m that OCD.

We are all called to wait and take steps of faith daily, but in my opinion we are not called to take leaps of faith.  Even though people say to take a leap of faith all the time.  I’ve always heard pray first because it slows us down from making decisions on the fly.  Stay in the word daily.You Want Me To Do What?

Say it out loud to see if it sounds crazy, and think of the actions it will take to get there.  If it all sounds good and correlates with what God has in store for you then take that step of faith.

Leaps, in my opinion, can cause you to miss things.  Like the lessons God wants you to learn. Maybe leaping can cause you to miss the beauty of your children growing up,You Want Me To Do What?	or the beauty of seeing your marriage grow.

You Want Me To Do What?

I’m always worried about how my children will turn out or hoping Corey and I are that amazing couple who are 80 and love each other so much it makes others sick. But I find myself rushing the time away so I can see how things turn out that I miss all the  moments going on in front of me.

What I will try to do is not rush things.  I will try not to get antsy.  I will try to sit back and wait on Gods timing for things to unfold and continue to take that one step of faith while waiting.

What do you think?  Do you have trouble waiting?  What are some things you do to try and take that one step of faith?

Have a great day friends and remember to SWEAT!!








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