Rainboots, Mud, & Fruit Oh-My!!

Rainboots, Mud, & Fruit Oh-My!!

Hey y’all!!! How has your summer been so far?

We have been super busy over on my end, but I must say it’s been great!!

As most of you know I go pick up boxes for Rawfully Organic every Tuesday.  Yes, it is a lot of work but but I totally love doing it!! {And I enjoy making a fool out of myself with weekly silly photos :)}

Rainboots, Mud, & Fruit Oh My!!

Until it rains….

Rainboots, Mud, & Fruit Oh My!!

Yup that’s water falling on us and all the boxes from the canopy :/

But we tried to stay positive through it all 🙂

Rainboots, Mud, & Fruit Oh My!!

{lol} it was crazy to say the least.  Water was falling in between each tent making everyone and every box soaked.  We did our best to save the boxes by putting crates under them but unfortunately we had some casualties.

As I was loading them in my car over half of the bottoms of the boxes fell out so I had to switch them out. AHHH did I mention I had 20 boxes!!!

On the way home there was high water and stalled cars on the road. So traffic was a mess, but I made it home safe and sound.  {only one box came a part while I was unloading :)}

But I was BEAT to say the least

Rainboots, Mud, & Fruit Oh My!!

Lol I could hardly put on my happy face.

Luckily the kids were entertained with our sweet new neighbors and Caroline was busy being Caroline 🙂 {she said, “mom… maxi dresses, bike helmets, and rain boots are the new thing didn’t you know?!}

Rainboots, Mud, & Fruit Oh My!!

Anyhow the rest of the evening was great. Except for when I ran over my daughter’s car seat. {oops} We won’t discuss that lol

I accomplished a lot and was still able to hit the hey by 8:15.  Thanks to my hubby putting the kids to bed by himself.

Today will be much more laid back 🙂  I’m thinking we may just hang out by the pool!!!

How are your days?  Busy, relaxing, or a mixture of both?! How do you balance the two out? I would love to know some secrets.

Have a great day ya’ll and remember to SWEAT!!

Cecily Holm

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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