No Caroline… You can’t get to HEAVEN like that!!!

No Caroline… You can’t get to HEAVEN like that!!!

No Caroline... You cant get to HEAVEN like that!!!

Right after my last surgery  the kids and I were laying in bed talking.  {Even though sometimes bed time can be one of the most stressful times of day I still love to listen to some of the things the kids talk about. 🙂   }

Anyhow Caroline had said Mommy I wish I could die so I could go to heaven with my Pawpaw.  

Side note:  My dad died a few years ago but about six months before he died Cameron wanted to know if Pawpaw knew how to get to heaven.  He was so worried that he had me call him and ask.  {I never went to church with him so I myself did not know the answer.   I was nervous to call him and ask but I did.  Turns out he knew how and was going :)}

So after Caroline blurts that out Cameron shoots up out of bed and said OH NO CAROLINE… YOU CAN NOT GET TO HEAVEN LIKE THAT!!!!

She said what do you mean I can’t get to heaven.  I can too.  I’m a good person!  {mind you she is 4 and he is 6 and at this point I wanted to intervene but wanted to see where this was going too}

He said No No No you have to admit to God you are a sinner.  You know what that is right?  Like you are not perfect and sometimes you may lie and hit me.  Then you have to believe Jesus died on the cross for you and then you have to ask Him to come live in your heart.  

She said well I want to do that.  

So he said bow your head and tell God that!  She did.  Right there in Cameron’s room I witnessed the most amazing thing ever.  I just sat there with tears rolling down my face in shock that my six year old just lead his sister to the Lord.  During her prayer Corey walked in and caught the end of it.  He was in total shock too!!

When she finished her prayer he said Ok cool Caroline now you can go to heaven with all of us! and gave her a hug!

What a sweet sweet experience we had with these two kiddos !!!

No Caroline... You cant get to HEAVEN like that!!!

 What about you.  Have you had any moments that will stick with you forever?

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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