How late is too late to eat?

How late is too late to eat?

whoow!!!  I’m tired… The kids are waking up early to chase daddy out the door for another hug lol

How late is too late to eat?

Now school started

How late is too late to eat?

and things around here are in full swing.  How about y’all?

Anyhow I have had several emails asking me….
What time should I quit eating at night?

There is no real time you should stop eating because we all go to sleep at different times. I normally say 2 hours before bed time. The reason is because your stomach enzymes slow down when you sleep. Going to bed with a full stomach will cause you to wake up and not be hungry! Our bodies burn calories by breaking down food and repairing our muscles. Remember the more often you eat the more your body is breaking down food. This in turn will help you to lose weight.

Your body is like a car. The more you use your car the more you fill up your tank. If you go to bed with a full tank there is no need to stop at the gas station in the morning. This may be good for your car but not for your body.

Jump start your metabolism every morning by eating breakfast. Something as simple as a green smoothie will do the trick. I promise you will see a difference in the way you feel.

Plus studies have shown that people who eat breakfast eat at least 100 less calories a day because they don’t over eat at lunch. How cool is that! If you find yourself hungry before bed time eat a small apple or a hand full of nuts.

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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