It’ a HOT commodity!!

It’ a HOT commodity!!

Wouldn’t you agree time is the most valuable commodity?!?  Everyone is busy! It’s how God made us to be.  {remember ideal hands is the devil’s playground}

Anyhow that’s why I always say to make sure you know what you are doing during your workout before you even start!!!

You are already cutting out time to workout right?  If your like me you try and squeeze in an hour and it feels like you can barely do that sometimes.

It a HOT commodity!!


As I was writing this I caught myself daydreaming of the days that I could go workout whenever I wanted and didn’t have to worry if childcare was full or if I even needed it. I caught myself a little jealous of the ones who could train for whatever, whenever, how ever.

Now I’m thinking about how can I do this and what equipment do I need to pull these sweet kiddos.  But then I realized it’s just a season we all are in different ones.  God just wants me to blossom where He has deliberately planted me.

So….Here I am trying to blossom. lol

It a HOT commodity!!

Plan out your workout.  Choose a SWEAT SESSION from HERE and GO!!

If you need more help visit me HERE!!

Also find a friend that can push you a little harder.  Just make sure it doesn’t turn into a full hour of chatting.  It needs to be intentional. GET YOUR WORKOUT FINISHED!!!

If you are walking or running you should be working hard.  Remember it is not a stroll in the park.  You can do that with at another time.

This hour is for you to SWEAT, BURN CALORIES, & STAY OR GET FIT!!   This must be done by intentionally taking your body out of it’s comfort zone and working hard.

You can do it.  Just push yourself one step of faith at a time!!!

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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It a HOT commodity!!

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