How far have you come?

How Far Have You Come?

How far have you come?

Remember it is not how far you have left to go…..It’s how far you have come!!! I posted this on Humble Area Adventure Boot Camps’s facebook page the other day and had several emails saying how much they needed to hear this.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey. Try not to get discouraged. You may not be at your goal, but I’m sure you have come a long way from where you were!!!

Maybe you have cut back on cokes!  Maybe you have ran a mile! Maybe you have worked out 3 times this week!  Maybe you have started drinking more water!

If you have a bad day so what, keep going! Praise your progress!!!!

With Remember, it is not how far you have left to go…..It’s how far you have come on my mind.  I couldn’t help but leave work after a conversation with a camper about music and think about how far I have come personally.

My camper told me she thinks it’s cool that I have christian music mixed in our songs at bootcamp and how cool it is that I’m so open about being a christian.

{Side note I’m horrible with music. I don’t know the names of songs. I don’t know who sang the songs, and I surly don’t know the words. I’m one of those who totally makes up the words as I go :)}

I didn’t even know This Girl Is On Fire was a real song! I thought we made it up one night at church camp . Btw before you watch let me warn you that I did yell at someone for almost sitting on my bed.


Yes, I know that’s crazy. No need to tell me I have issues 🙂 but it completely freaks me out.


Anyhow my thoughts as I was driving home were: Why wouldn’t I be open about my faith? We walked through the last few days of Jesus’ life at Second Baptist the other day.

How far have you come?

At the end you could write a sin you wanted to be forgiven for and nail it to the cross. It was so refreshing to think that Jesus died to wash my sins away. With all He has done for me why wouldn’t I want to say I’m a Christian? Why wouldn’t I want to play Christian music? Why wouldn’t I want to work as hard as I can at anything I do? Ecclesiastes 9:10 says that what ever our hands find to do, we are to do with all our might.

With that being said. I’m still human. I still make mistakes. I still bicker at my husband even though I have

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.
Proverbs 25:24

taped on my mirror. I still find myself losing my patients with children for silly things from time to time.

Just the other day I may have been a little rude to my mom. I felt like I was back in high school. It was the craziest thing.  I felt horrible for being so disrespectful! To make matters worse  Caroline said “mommy you were disrespectful to granny and that would not make God very happy. You are to honor and obey your mommy!” Seriously?!?  Out of the mouth of babes!!

Ok so I had to confess all that to say this. We are always changing, growing, thinking, and becoming closer to our goal. I want to be a better christian, wife, mother, daughter, and friend. I want to make a difference and be a light for Jesus. Yes I make mistakes. We all do.  In a way I needed that mistake. I was sort of thankful for it because it showed me how far I have come!

Thankfully I’m not that girl back in high school anymore!  Thankfully I’m not the same person Corey married!  I’v grown so much.  I may not be where I want to be but I keep  taking that single step of faith daily.  In hopes I become that person God and I want me to be!

Remember it is not how far you have left to go…..It’s how far you have come!!!  This statement doesn’t always have to mean while in your fitness goals. It can mean for your life goals too! Praise progress!  Keep going one step of faith at a time!!!

Hope y’all had a great EASTER!!!

How far have you come?


What do you think? Have you had any ah ha moments?  Have you had to remind your self that it’s okay if you aren’t at your goal yet?

Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!

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    Yesterday I went to the YMCA and got on a treadmill for the first time in my life. I ran 1.32 miles without stopping at 5.2 miles per hour… which, I know to many is not anything, but to me, it was huge! I could have kept going, but I was too excited! A few months ago, I was trying to do the couch to 5K thing, and it is so exciting to me to see how it used to kill me to run for 30 seconds at a time, and now I’ve hit the mile mark! God is good, and he has made our bodies for His use! With your amazing help and encouragement, I can happily answer the “How far have you come question”—1.32 miles!

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      Katelyn!!! I love you!! Totally needed to hear that today!! I’m so super proud of you. You work so hard every day!! Keep it up!!


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