Freezer Fresh Meals

Freezer Fresh Meals

Freezer Fresh Meals!

I know I said that today’s post would be on fat intake but I had a bunch of questions about this picture below I posted on Facebook so I decided to post this instead.  Fat intake will be on Friday, no worries! 🙂

On the post I added the picture below with a comment that said dinner is ready for the week!!!

Freezer Fresh Meals

I don’t know about y’all but I really don’t like cooking.  It’s sort of one of those things you do because you know your family needs to eat.

Freezer Fresh Meals

I would much rather be outside playing with the kids

Freezer Fresh Meals

or at taking them to the park.

So I decided to try making a menu for the week using the veggies I got in my box from co-op.

Freezer Fresh Meals

If I didn’t get the foods I need in my box I pick them up from the grocery store. Unfortunately I can’t always find what I need in the organic section, so every now and then I have to venture outside my comfort zone :/ ! lol but I always stick to the clean 15!!! {Check out the clean 15 and dirty dozen HERE!} I would also use some of the same ingredients in different recipes.

Anyhow I pick a day that my kids are both in school and make all my meals.  Then I put them in Ziploc freezer bags and label them with the date and what I need to add to the dinner.  {Tip: lay them flat while freezing and then you can store them in a magazine box for more freezer space}

Freezer Fresh Meals

It has worked out well because I can take the meal out the night before and let it thaw in the refrigerator { tip: make sure to put a plate and a napkin under it to catch any water that may collect} In the morning you can put it in the crock-pot or you can put it in the oven later in the day.  Whatever works for you.

This will allow you more time to take the kids to the park!!!

Freezer Fresh Meals

No I don’t do this all the time but when I do it makes the evenings so much easier!!

Especially if we have practices to get to!

Freezer Fresh Meals


You can use any recipe you want but here are a few to start.  Remember these are not fancy recipes.  They are simply something my children will eat that is healthy and quick!!  Also remember I don’t eat this because I don’t eat meat or dairy.  My choice to be a mostly raw vegan is for health and personal reasons.  I do not expect my family to follow me now but I will try and make them hearty meals that are as healthy as possible. With that being said I don’t need to make as much food so you may need to add more ingredients!

Chicken Soup!!

2-3 Organic Chicken Breasts

2-3 Carrots chopped

2-3 stalks of celery

1-2 pealed potatoes  {these will marble a bit but we don’t care} If it bothers you add them the day of

1/2 an onion chopped

1 cup chopped kale

1-2 cloves of garlic

Himalayan salt and pepper to taste

Day of add a few cups of organic chicken broth and you are good to go!!

Beef Stroganoff

1 can of organic low sodium cream of mushroom soup

1/cup of mushrooms

1 T of Aarowroot {It is a thickener}

1/2 tsp of thyme

1-2 cloves of garlic

1 onion

2 carrots diced

2 lbs of lean sirloin steak {trim the fat}

1 cup of plain Greek yogurt

Add all ingredients in bag and freeze. Day of add 1 can of organic low sodium beef broth.

You will also need to make noodles. We use quinoa noodles but you can use what you want.  You can also add frozen veggies to the water at the last few minutes of cooking. 🙂

Dijon Lemon Chicken!!

2-3 chopped organic chicken breast

1/2 onion

1-2 cups of any veggies you want

1-2 garlic gloves

juice from 1/2 a lemon

1 T of Braggs Nutritional Yeast  {This is a great seasoning that has a cheesey flavor to it}

Himalayan Salt and pepper to taste

Put in bag and freeze!  Day off make some quinoa or this chicken is great on a salad with some avocados. A yam would also taste great with this.

Anyhow give it a try!!

Let me know how it works for you!!!:)

Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!

Cecily Holm

Freezer Fresh Meals


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