Fortunately we have a choice!!!

Fortunately we have a choice!!!

Fortunately we have a choice!!!

We have choices in life and that’s an amazing thing.  Unfortunately we don’t always make the right ones.

We can choose not to work out, choose not to eat the candy we bought our children for Valentines Day, or the candy we bought our Sunday school class {that they never got}.

On a side note: I made a HUGE bad choice when I ate the first Cadberry egg.  It went from I will only have one to eating two in the car after I purchased them.  Mind you I didn’t even turn on my car.  To running late picking up my daughter from a party because I ate the third. I picked her up and dashed out the door because all I could think about was eating the fourth and fifth one.  Seriously it was that bad!!!!

We have a choice to not lie, cheat, and steal.  The list can go on and on.  It can even go deeper like choosing eternal life!!

Some choices have little risk.  Like eating the occasional candy or occasionally not working out.  The problem occurs when we choose never to do anything about our health.  We hit the snooze button one too many times or we keep talking ourselves in circles about why we can’t work out.

We all do it.  My husband did it this morning.  He has been super busy with work and he went from I think I’m going to start working out X amount of days to I think I’m going to start this new workout routine.  To the problem is my hip I can’t squat properly maybe that’s not the best routine for me to maybe I’ll just ride my bike, but I enjoy spending my evenings with y’all to maybe I should just eat better.

All that took place in a matter of minutes.  See we talk in circles.  Quit choosing the easy route or the route you think makes more since.

You see cancer, heart disease, obesity, and other diseases do not judge.  They don’t feel bad for you like we do our children when they make the wrong choices.

Fortunately we have a choice!!!

They don’t give second chances.  They don’t say well I really like you I won’t attack you this time.

You choose to be inactive.  You choose to eat the wrong foods.  In turn disease will find you by your choices.  {Not Always, but in most cases}

Just like God.  You have a choice to believe in Him and accept Him in your life.  When you die and face Him, He does not say “well I really liked you so you can go to Heaven.  No, you already had the choice to accept Him.  He says Stand up and take responsibility for your actions.  Turn from your sins and I’ll forgive you.  Keep resisting and I’ll let you experience the consequences of your actions.

He’s blunt and keeps promises.  When we choose the easy way out we have to live with our choices.

Unfortunately I had to live with the sick feeling in my belly after eating all that chocolate 🙂

Anyhow we have a Choice!!! That’s the cool thing.  Make the right one.  If you don’t it’s ok.  Choose the right one next time!!! 🙂

BTW I’ll be teaching an AM camp T/Th 5-6 AM at Kingwood First Baptist starting March 18!! come join us!!

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂 Cecily Holm

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    Cecily, I’m curious… since you had breast cancer at an early age and also lost your father, have you ever been tested for any genetic mutations? My oldest son had a heart transplant in February, this year. It wasn’t until October of last year, after begging and pleading for more extensive testing, that they found two mutated copies of a gene that could have greatly contributed to the cause. The gene mutation also contributes to breast cancer and a whole host of other things.

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      I have and I do have the gene. That’s why I opted for the double mastectomy and the hysterectomy. It’s so crazy how those hings can cause all this mess. I’m glad your son is better!! 🙂

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