Facing Fear Trusting God

We had Vacation Bible School last week and this was our verse.

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”  2 Timothy 1:7


Facing Fear Trusting God

I’m going on a youth retreat for a week!! {Remember the last one}  Ahh and I’m a HUGE germaphobe!!!  It’s a 16 hour bus ride and we aren’t stopping which means the bathroom will get nasty!!!  But no worries from this end.  I have been meditating on the fact that God has me going for a reason and he can take care of my germ thing. lol

Anyhow what is bothering me is that I will have to take my own food.  Ok so most of you know I am vegan.  And about 90 percent raw!!  Not only that, I follow {for the most part} the Budwig diet.  It’s just a way to help keep you cancer free.

One of the main things that I do with that diet is  blend half a cup of cottage cheese and 6 T of flax seed oil.

Facing Fear Trusting God

{The flax seed takes the lactose out so no worries}  Anyhow this helps to oxidize your blood.  The flax seed must stay cold HMMM.

So I’m bringing my trusty Yeti

Facing Fear Trusting God

but you have to keep it packed with ice and it only stays cold for a few days without getting swampy in there. Mind you I’m taking my greens for green smoothies.  Most of my fruit can stay out.

I will take my blender

Facing Fear Trusting God

but the dorm situation is to be determined.  Last time I had to wash out my Vitamix in the shower and then take it outside to dump the dirty water out because it clogged the drain.  Then take it back in the shower to rinse the soap out.

I had to do that twice a day.  One for my green smoothie

Facing Fear Trusting God

and one for my cottage cheese flax seed mixture.  {Did I tell y’all I’m a germaphobe and the thought of my blender in the bathroom terrifies me}  ok breath Cecily pull it together your aren’t even there yet.

Anyhow then there is the ice issue!! How do I get  fresh ice to put in my blender.  So I will take one for the team. I will stick my hands in the Yeti and take out ice that has been sitting in there for days and use it in my smoothie.  {I’m getting cold sweats just typing this btw}  Then I will take the hike to refill the ice at the dinner hall when the ice needs to be changed out.

See not so bad huh? Now I know your thinking why don’t you just see if you can store your food in the dinner hall.  Well, I personally can’t.  I don’t know where it will stay and who will have access to it. Yes, an entirely different issue and we won’t go there today. 🙂  Then I would have to take my blender up there and and take it back to wash.  That’s just a ton of walking to get a meal in. Things aren’t super close around there.  but it’s more the fact that my food will be stored in a place that is not near me.  {Weird I know}  But I’m sticking to my guns!!

Facing Fear Trusting God

Anyhow I will not post next week but I will when I get back!!!  I will share with you how I did on the trip.  In the mean time…sit back and laugh at me because yes i am that weird.  🙂  But I’m still fearfully and wonderfully made!!!

Do you have any other ideas?  I would love to hear!!
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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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Facing Fear Trusting God

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