Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate?

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate?

Are you in the ZONE?!?

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate?

I have had tons of people ask me about how to find their Target Heart Rate {THR}.  I’m in a love hate relationship with it because it has a lot to do with the climate. {in my opinion}  If you live in Houston you know what humidity feels like.  All you have to do is step outside and you can barely breath. Not to mention you are dripping in sweat!!!

For that reason alone is why I find it hard to do THR training.  In the summer I personally think  it is very hard to train at 85% of my THR, but in the winter months I can.  I will dare to say I even feel like Super Women when the humidity is low enough for you to breath. LOL 🙂

For those of you who do not know what  THR is.  Here is the dictionary definition:  the optimum heart rate a person would train in order to achieve desired results in the least amount of time.

It can get a little hard to understand but I will do my best.  Say you have two sets of individuals.  One will be me and the other will be Kate.  I have less time to work out than Kate does so I will train at a higher intensity of my THR.  Plus I have been running longer so I am in better running shape. {cardiovascularly speaking}  Since Kate has more time and is new to running she will train at a lower one.  Remember anytime you are new to an activity always start out a lower THR intensity so you have less chance for injury!!

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate?

If we were biking the roles would be reversed because I do not bike.

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate?

{Yup enjoy the laugh because I NEVER rode this bike before this race and I did NOT even know how to put my shoes on the clips.  See the guy behind me scratching  his neck thinking “what the heck is this girl doing” 🙂  Yup here’s your proof this is NOT my thing!!!  LOL seriously I’m laughing so hard at this picture I’m crying 🙂 }

Anyhow Kate does so she won’t feel like she’s about to pass out like I would.  I know you all know the feeling of starting something new and feeling like you may not see tomorrow much less the next minute.  This is also why it is a good idea for you to change up your cardio routine frequently even if it’s just interval training. We won’t go there that is for another post. 🙂

Anyhow below are the steps to finding your THR {we are using the Karvonen Formula}

1.  Find your Max Heart Rate:  220-age= MHR

ex.  I’m 31 so I will take 220-21= 189

2.  Next, you will need to subtract the Resting Heart Rate {RHR} from the MHR.

ex.  My RHR is 47 beats per min.  so I will take 189-47=142

3. Multiply the result above by the desired intensity level.  I like to do 55% and 85% so I have a wide range.  I would stay at the lower end if you are new to the working out thing.

ex. 142 X .55 =78.1 &  142 X .85= 120

4.  Now you will add your RHR back to the above.

78.1 + 47 = 125.1  {55% of THR}

120 + 47= 167  {85% THR}

Some experts will say that the higher the intensity the more calories and fat you burn.  Others will say it doesn’t really matter how high or low the intensity in the end if you are working out hard and in the correct zone you are fine.

I am not arguing either way.  I am simply just letting you know how to find your zone.  You decide what works best for you.  Just remember it is always better to start out lower to prevent injury.  The stronger you get the more intensity you can add.

As I always say Commitment + Consistency=  Change

Stay committed and consistent with your goals and you will see change.


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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

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