Do You Have One Of These?!

Do You Have One Of These?!

Do you have a picky eater?  Yup I’m there with you.  The thought of even cooking dinner gives me an eye twitch.  I really don’t like it when I cook and my kids don’t eat it.

Then you have the your kids must eat so many fruits and veggies daily rule that I feel bad when my kids go a week without eating any.

Sometimes they will do great. We implemented the rainbow chart and that did great but I’ll be honest…. sometimes I’m just down right too tired to argue.

Caroline LOVES to drink green smoothies with me.

Do You Have One Of These?!

Cameron does NOT.  He hates the smell, the taste, and the color of them.

So here’s what I did…

I started slow.  First I put the smoothie in a medicine cup and told him to drink it.  {ok I’ll be honest I forced him}  I told him he had to or could not play on his kindle.  It was just a sip so he did it.  I continued this daily

Reminder:  I did add Stevia, or sometimes dates, and ALWAYS cinnamon to the smoothies. I would also make them a chocolate color by adding strawberries or something blue.  {blackberries or blueberries}

Do You Have One Of These?!

Once he got used to the taste I switched to a cup.  I did a cup that was not see through.  This way he wouldn’t see the colors as much.  Sounds silly but it helps disguise the separation of the smoothie if he took too long to drink it too.

I also would only put a little in because I didn’t want to intimidate him.

I added a cool straw and some cinnamon to the top.  {again to disguise the color more}

Do You Have One Of These?!


He finally came around.  {sorry no picture of him drinking one he was at school when I did this but I will get one for you in the morning} I make one every morning for the family and sometimes for dinner as well.

We also make it a race to see who can drink it the fastest or maybe they can have extra wii time.  Depending on the day but I really don’t have to argue much anymore.

It’s easier for me to add different veggies in and mix it all up this way.  They know they are eating fruits and veggies because they see me make it.

Do You Have One Of These?!

Plus it’s better for them than smothering veggies in cheese or sauces.  It works for us.  It is a little work at the beginning but in the end they do it because they know it is good for them.

What do y’all do?  Share your ideas with us please.  I know we all have some picky eaters!

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂 Cecily Holm

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    My daughter has two picky eaters. (and one that eats great) She usually gives in and fixes them chicken nuggets, just to get them to eat SOMETHING!

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