Check Out These Workouts!

Check Out These Workouts!!

Check Out These Workouts!

Hey y’all I hope you enjoy these workouts!! Sweat Session #11 can be added to any of the other Sweat Sessions seen HERE!!

Sweat Session # 11


Sweat Session #13

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!

Cecily Holm

Check Out These Workouts!


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  1. […] Are you over packing your day?  Well I can say I am. Between working, running my kids around, cleaning, cooking, working some more, and being a wife where do can I fit in a workout?    It is important and I must say for me I look at it as a job because it is my profession but I also enjoy it.  However, so many times the thing that holds us back is ourselves. My suggestion would be to quit thinking about how or when you will fit it in.  Start today! Go for a walk, go bike riding, or rollerblading.  It does not have to be  a long workout session.  Start slow and build from there.  If you have a few minutes while food is in the oven do a workout video.  Wake up a little earlier and join us in boot camp.  One of my campers this morning said she likes getting up and getting the workout over so it’s not hanging over her head all day.  It doesn’t have to be difficult just planned! […]

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