So….I ate it today!!!

So…. I ate it today!!! And let me tell you it hurt.  I have been running forever and before I was sick I ran at a decent speed.  Since all my surgeries I have slowed down tremendously. Anyhow today I was in a hurry to get my run in.  { we went out of town […]

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate?

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate? Are you in the ZONE?!? I have had tons of people ask me about how to find their Target Heart Rate {THR}.  I’m in a love hate relationship with it because it has a lot to do with the climate. {in my opinion}  If you live in Houston […]

What is the Etiquette for…

What is the Etiquette for… Most of you know I LOVE RUNNING!!! It helps me think, relax, and unwind.  To me it’s just a way of life. Running provided quiet time for me when my littles were just babies. It was an outlet for me when I was going through chemo!!!  {see me running for […]

This hair is…

This hair is… I went running today and thought I was going to die.  No joke y’all.  I was thinking about what life would look like with out me. Lol  🙂 Here’s the deal… I decided that I would go out for a 10 mile run at 9 AM. I dropped the kids off at […]

So Here’s My Question?!

So Here’s My Question?! Hi Y’all!!! I hope your day has been AMAZING!!!!  Mine has been great.  But I really want to be back here running on the beach in nice 80 degree temps.  🙂  No I’m just joking.  I mean I would but I’m enjoying today too. 🙂 Anyhow I received sooo many emails […]

I’m Over Packing…

I’m Over Packing… Are you over packing your day?  Well I can say I am. Between working, running my kids around, cleaning, cooking, working some more, and being a wife where do can I fit in a workout?    It is important and I must say for me I look at it as a job because […]

It’ a HOT commodity!!

It’ a HOT commodity!! Wouldn’t you agree time is the most valuable commodity?!?  Everyone is busy! It’s how God made us to be.  {remember ideal hands is the devil’s playground} Anyhow that’s why I always say to make sure you know what you are doing during your workout before you even start!!! You are already […]

Does any one else have issues…

Does any one else have issues… Does any one else have issues getting your water in?  I don’t during the day it’s while I’m running that gives me issues!!! I can go, go, go and then all of a sudden I bottom out! During the summer months this can be super dangerous. Studies have shown […]

How To Modify A Burpee!!

How To Modify A Burpee!!   Since I have had several people ask me how to modify a burpee I had my 6 yr. old son film me doing them.  He tried hard to stay still 🙂  {the video is not the best quality but you get the idea} You can also see more workouts […]

Sweat Session # 20

Sweat Session # 20 Hey y’all Sweat Session # 20 is up and ready for you!!!  Remember to check out other Sweat Sessions HERE! I hope you enjoy this one!  It is packed with a super easy work out that will be great for killing your legs and butt! Give it a try and let […]

Sweat Session #16

Sweat Session #16 Hey y’all sweat session # 16 is up on You Tube!! It will require a ball, some weights, and a band.  Check it out and see some new work out ideas.  If you are wanting another workout check out all my other Sweat Sessions out here! I hope you enjoy!!! If you like […]

Sweat Session # 12

Sweat Session # 12 Hey y’all! Sweat Session #12 is up!!! Remember this workout can be added to any of the other Sweat Sessions seen here!! {please note that I filmed several other Sweat Sessions this day… it may not be as hard for you as it was for me 🙂 } If you like […]

All It Takes Is Determination!!

All It Takes Is Determination!! I teach 9th grade Youth and absolutely love it!!!  This week our study was over sacrificing.  Hmm.  Not a word most of us really like. But it does make you think. Everything we do is a sacrifice. We buy a vehicle and we sacrifice our money.  We work more and we sacrifice […]

Check Out These Workouts!

Check Out These Workouts!! Hey y’all I hope you enjoy these workouts!! Sweat Session #11 can be added to any of the other Sweat Sessions seen HERE!! Sweat Session # 11   Sweat Session #13 If you like these videos give us a thumbs up!!  Also like us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and!! […]

Seasons Of Fitness!

Seasons Of Fitness!   What season are you in when it comes to your health and fitness? I love all seasons.  Winter is great because it reminds me of fireplaces and ice on the rooftops being slowly melted away as the day goes on.  Having a nice cup of tea and snuggling up with a […]