So….I ate it today!!!

So…. I ate it today!!! And let me tell you it hurt.  I have been running forever and before I was sick I ran at a decent speed.  Since all my surgeries I have slowed down tremendously. Anyhow today I was in a hurry to get my run in.  { we went out of town […]

Does any one else have issues…

Does any one else have issues… Does any one else have issues getting your water in?  I don’t during the day it’s while I’m running that gives me issues!!! I can go, go, go and then all of a sudden I bottom out! During the summer months this can be super dangerous. Studies have shown […]

Work In Progress!

Work In Progress!!   How many of us look in the mirror and say something negative about ourselves.  I know I do. More often then I like to admit.  The thing I find hard to do is to just be positive.  Remember Inner Beauty is way more important than outer beauty. You are doing a […]