Stir Fry Recipe!!

Stir Fry Recipe!! Reminder: Register Today!!  Next AM Camp starts Tuesday 4/15 & PM Camp starts 4/21 Stir Fry Recipe!! Uncle Ben’s whole grain Instant brown rice.  I used Quinoa a lot.  You can make both like the back of the box says to. 2 skinless boneless chicken breast; trim fat and cut into […]

Do You Have One Of These?!

Do You Have One Of These?! Do you have a picky eater?  Yup I’m there with you.  The thought of even cooking dinner gives me an eye twitch.  I really don’t like it when I cook and my kids don’t eat it. Then you have the your kids must eat so many fruits and veggies […]

One meal out a day!!

One meal out a day!! It is possible to still eat healthy while out of town.  I will admit it is hard but it can be done!!  See how I did it here while away at camp!! Corey and I went out of town to Chicago for our 9 year anniversary!! We had a BLAST!!!  I love spending time […]

Facing Fear Trusting God

We had Vacation Bible School last week and this was our verse. “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”  2 Timothy 1:7 So I’m FACING MY FEARS & TRUSTING GOD!! I’m going on a youth retreat for a week!! {Remember the last […]

How Much Fat Is Too Much?

How Much Fat Is Too Much? This is always a touchy subject but fat is not bad for you. Remember our body needs fat to lubricate our joints, keep our skin nice and moisturized, and keep our bodies maintained but we need the good fats. Did you know that the recommended amount of fat is […]

Freezer Fresh Meals

Freezer Fresh Meals! I know I said that today’s post would be on fat intake but I had a bunch of questions about this picture below I posted on Facebook so I decided to post this instead.  Fat intake will be on Friday, no worries! 🙂 On the post I added the picture below with a […]

5 easy steps to menu planning!

So many have emailed asking how to meal plan when you order from co-op.  Even if you don’t order from a co-op buying in bulk is so beneficial.  For one it saves you from going to the store so many times (that alone saves me money because I don’t get sucked into buying things I […]