So….I ate it today!!!

So…. I ate it today!!! And let me tell you it hurt.  I have been running forever and before I was sick I ran at a decent speed.  Since all my surgeries I have slowed down tremendously. Anyhow today I was in a hurry to get my run in.  { we went out of town […]

Why is it when you get older…

Why is it when you get older… Why is it when you are older… YOU CAN NOT RIDE AMUSEMENT  PARK RIDES!!! When Corey and I first met we went to the Rodeo for work. After hours of begging him to ride a ride with me. He gave in but only because he was in love […]

Fortunately we have a choice!!!

Fortunately we have a choice!!! We have choices in life and that’s an amazing thing.  Unfortunately we don’t always make the right ones. We can choose not to work out, choose not to eat the candy we bought our children for Valentines Day, or the candy we bought our Sunday school class {that they never […]

No Caroline… You can’t get to HEAVEN like that!!!

No Caroline… You can’t get to HEAVEN like that!!! Right after my last surgery  the kids and I were laying in bed talking.  {Even though sometimes bed time can be one of the most stressful times of day I still love to listen to some of the things the kids talk about. 🙂   } […]

Surgery Went Well!!!

Surgery Went Well!!! Thanks everyone for your prayers. The day of surgery went well!! I was able to come home that night.  Yea!!! I haven’t been able to sleep well because it hurts to lean back and I can’t get comfortable.  I did make my way to this chair. It’s sort of my permanent residency […]

Yup It’s Surgery Time Again…

Yup It’s Surgery Time Again…  It’s that time again!  Yup! My LAST surgery is tomorrow {Tuesday @ 1 pm} 🙂 YEA!!!!! I’m super excited. It has been a long road but one worth traveling. I know that sounds so weird considering so many “bad” things have happened.  All I can say is WOW!  I have […]

Thank You!!!

Thank you!!! Tomorrow will be my last day training at Pine Forest Elem. for a while. {read more about that here}  I have surgery Tuesday so Lisa will finish up the week for me. I’m nervous for this new chapter to unfold and a little antsy to see where God takes me.  I never like […]

The Moment When…

The Moment When… The moment when you realize your kids are growing up way to fast. I’ve been a mom for only 7 years. {almost}  Don’t get me wrong I know my kids are still young.  They are just growing up WAY TOO FAST! I wish I would have listened to everyone who told me […]

I’m sad to say…

I’m sad to say… It brings me pain to even utter the words I’m about to say. I have prayed and prayed and asked for confirmation {several times I might add} and every time the answer is the same. I love what I do.  I love the ladies I have met. I love being able […]