How late is too late to eat?

How late is too late to eat? whoow!!!  I’m tired… The kids are waking up early to chase daddy out the door for another hug lol Now school started and things around here are in full swing.  How about y’all? Anyhow I have had several emails asking me…. What time should I quit eating at […]

Does any one else have issues…

Does any one else have issues… Does any one else have issues getting your water in?  I don’t during the day it’s while I’m running that gives me issues!!! I can go, go, go and then all of a sudden I bottom out! During the summer months this can be super dangerous. Studies have shown […]

Seasons Of Fitness!

Seasons Of Fitness!   What season are you in when it comes to your health and fitness? I love all seasons.  Winter is great because it reminds me of fireplaces and ice on the rooftops being slowly melted away as the day goes on.  Having a nice cup of tea and snuggling up with a […]

How Much Fat Is Too Much?

How Much Fat Is Too Much? This is always a touchy subject but fat is not bad for you. Remember our body needs fat to lubricate our joints, keep our skin nice and moisturized, and keep our bodies maintained but we need the good fats. Did you know that the recommended amount of fat is […]

Is Your Flashlight Burning Bright?

  Is your flashlight burning bright? It brings joy to my heart when people tell me stories about how they have changed for the better since they started working out.  Often I hear women say they are more energetic during the day or are able to fit in their clothes better. This makes me get […]

Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty! Do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2 I love my job. I love helping people feel better and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. With that being said, I sometimes feel that my job can also destroy […]

Do these simple things to stay active!

Do these simple things to stay active! Are you over packing your day? Well I can say I am. Between working, running my kids around here and here cleaning, cooking, working some more, volunteering,  and being a wife where can I fit in a workout?    Don’t you feel the same way? It is important. I […]

yummy… on second thought

The entrance to my neighborhood has these beautiful and oh so yummy looking swiss chard planted out front.  They call my name every time I run by them.  I mean really would the entrance miss a few stalks here and there? Every time I run out of greens all I can think about is going and […]