We Had A Blast!!!

We Had A Blast!!! Some of you may know I won the Family Time Women of Achievement Visionary Award!  {Read about that here}  Anyhow we had a blast!! It was so fun to get dressed up for a change. You know since I’m always in workout gear! 🙂  Thanks to my friend Hanna for helping […]

The most STRESSFUL week EVER!!!

The most STRESSFUL week EVER!!! We put our house on the market!!!! I know I know it really shouldn’t be that stressful and really I could think of weeks that were worse than this one.  {but for real this was bad}  My face broke out, I had a fever blister the size of a quarter, […]

AND THEN… the mother of all nastiness happened

AND THEN… the mother of all nastiness happened I turned 32!!! {No that’s not the nasty part} We took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for my birthday and we had a blast.  I’ll be the first to admit that I did NOT want to go there for my birthday.  Really, who want’s to pack […]

First “Real” Vacation Since I’ve Been Cancer Free!!!

First “Real” Vacation Since I’ve Been Cancer Free!!! WE WENT ON A REAL {get on an airplane} VACATION FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE I’VE BEEN CANCER FREE!!! We did it all!!! {at magic kingdom} from the Tea Cups, to Goofy’s ride, to the Castle, cars, to the Dumbo ride.  We did all that we wanted […]

Planting A “Garden!”

Planting a “garden!” Cam and Pawpaw were supposed to plant a garden last summer, but PawPaw passed away.  So this year he asked if we could do it! I decided we would go on adventure to Warrens Southern Garden!! I love that place! Don’t you?  For real!  I just want to read a book by the fish […]

You Want Me To Do What?

Every morning I wake up early and do my Bible Study. Either before boot camp or before the kids wake up.  This is where I spend my time! Same time, same place, same box, same coffee mug! What a mess I make! Right now I’m doing Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  I love love love BSF. […]