Do You Have One Of These?!

Do You Have One Of These?! Do you have a picky eater?  Yup I’m there with you.  The thought of even cooking dinner gives me an eye twitch.  I really don’t like it when I cook and my kids don’t eat it. Then you have the your kids must eat so many fruits and veggies […]

So Here’s My Question?!

So Here’s My Question?! Hi Y’all!!! I hope your day has been AMAZING!!!!  Mine has been great.  But I really want to be back here running on the beach in nice 80 degree temps.  🙂  No I’m just joking.  I mean I would but I’m enjoying today too. 🙂 Anyhow I received sooo many emails […]

How late is too late to eat?

How late is too late to eat? whoow!!!  I’m tired… The kids are waking up early to chase daddy out the door for another hug lol Now school started and things around here are in full swing.  How about y’all? Anyhow I have had several emails asking me…. What time should I quit eating at […]

A Must Try Super Easy Recipe!

A Must Try Super Easy Recipe!   Hey Y’all!! I have been experimenting a lot lately with food and different recipes.  I made this wrap and open faced sandwich the other day that was super duper yummy.  A must try for real!!   You can make this several ways.  You can use any green you […]

Recipes From Recipe Exchange!

Recipes from Recipe Exchange!!! Many of you have asked for an easier way to access the recipes from the recipe exchange so I have posted them on here!!  I hope it helps 🙂  Enjoy  🙂 Healthy green smoothie {submitted by Laura L.} -1 banana-1 handful of blueberries-3 strawberries-Half cup of OJ or whole, small orange […]

Planting A “Garden!”

Planting a “garden!” Cam and Pawpaw were supposed to plant a garden last summer, but PawPaw passed away.  So this year he asked if we could do it! I decided we would go on adventure to Warrens Southern Garden!! I love that place! Don’t you?  For real!  I just want to read a book by the fish […]

sams club of fruit

How many of you have a Sam’s Club or Costco Card? We do but never go because they always seem to make me have anxiety.  The fact that you have so much to take home and find a place for is more than my brain can handle.  Where do you put everything? Will you ever […]