I’m sad to say…

I’m sad to say… It brings me pain to even utter the words I’m about to say. I have prayed and prayed and asked for confirmation {several times I might add} and every time the answer is the same. I love what I do.  I love the ladies I have met. I love being able […]

Sorry I left y’all hanging..

Sorry I left y’all hanging.. Yea I did it!!!! I have received dozens of emails asking how my speech went a few weeks ago at my churches Women’s Ministry gathering.  I’m so sorry I left y’all hanging. 🙂 Well it was great!! I had a blast!!  I will admit I was super duper nervous but […]

I’m A Little Nervous To…

I’m A Little Nervous To… I’m a little nervous to speak at my church tomorrow night!!!!   I’ll be honest. I was asked a few months back and was super excited for the opportunity.  {knock knock, lol I’m hearing opportunity knock 🙂 } You know the saying when opportunity knocks, open the door?  Well I’m […]

We Must Be Courageous!

We Must Be Courageous! I will admit I was upset! I was mad, discouraged, and I had swayed from my goals. I had several things I could say made me not finish the Houston Marathon a few years ago. I got sick at mile 12 and could not recoup was the big one.  I will […]

How far have you come?

How Far Have You Come? Remember it is not how far you have left to go…..It’s how far you have come!!! I posted this on Humble Area Adventure Boot Camps’s facebook page the other day and had several emails saying how much they needed to hear this.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey. […]

You Want Me To Do What?

Every morning I wake up early and do my Bible Study. Either before boot camp or before the kids wake up.  This is where I spend my time! Same time, same place, same box, same coffee mug! What a mess I make! Right now I’m doing Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  I love love love BSF. […]