One meal out a day!!

One meal out a day!! It is possible to still eat healthy while out of town.  I will admit it is hard but it can be done!!  See how I did it here while away at camp!! Corey and I went out of town to Chicago for our 9 year anniversary!! We had a BLAST!!!  I love spending time […]


How To Modify A Burpee!!

How To Modify A Burpee!!   Since I have had several people ask me how to modify a burpee I had my 6 yr. old son film me doing them.  He tried hard to stay still 🙂  {the video is not the best quality but you get the idea} You can also see more workouts […]

What if I stumble… What if I fall?!

What if I stumble… What if I fall?! I was in a conversation with a friend last week about how she feels so bad for her set back.  She was doing so well with her food and exercise but then life happened.  It got in the way.  An unexpected travel came up and then of […]

July Give-A-Way

July Give-A-Way Ok ready for an awesome July Give-A-Way!!! Remember the Health Tracker?!?! Well…Here it is!! It’ counts calories, distance traveled, holds a daily journal and more!!! Want to win this watch? Here’s How!! A random winner will be selected July 31!!! To enter this giveaway YOU MUST: Make sure to verify your email with […]

Rainboots, Mud, & Fruit Oh-My!!

Rainboots, Mud, & Fruit Oh-My!! Hey y’all!!! How has your summer been so far? We have been super busy over on my end, but I must say it’s been great!! As most of you know I go pick up boxes for Rawfully Organic every Tuesday.  Yes, it is a lot of work but but I […]

June’s Give-A-Way Winner is…

June’s Give-A-Way Winner is… Brittany Knighten You won June’s Give-A-Way!!!! Send my your information and I will get this to you soon!! I will be posting July’s Give-A-Way soon so be on the lookout for it!!!  🙂 If you like this post give us a thumbs up!!  Also like us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, […]

Sweat Session # 20

Sweat Session # 20 Hey y’all Sweat Session # 20 is up and ready for you!!!  Remember to check out other Sweat Sessions HERE! I hope you enjoy this one!  It is packed with a super easy work out that will be great for killing your legs and butt! Give it a try and let […]

How I packed food for a week long trip!

How I packed food for a week long trip! I’m Back!!! As many of you know I just returned from my church youth retreat!!! I had a blast for sure!  We hiked played battle ball, did a ropes course or two, zip lined, hung out and acted silly, but most of all saw God move […]

Facing Fear Trusting God

We had Vacation Bible School last week and this was our verse. “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”  2 Timothy 1:7 So I’m FACING MY FEARS & TRUSTING GOD!! I’m going on a youth retreat for a week!! {Remember the last […]

What Is A Serving Size Anyway?!

What Is A Serving Size Anyway?! Hey y’all!!  How have you been?  It has been CRAZY over here since summer has started.  I’m very much of a task oriented person.  Once I start something I HAVE to finish.  My husband always jokes that the house could be on fire and I’m still trying to finish […]

Sweat Session #16

Sweat Session #16 Hey y’all sweat session # 16 is up on You Tube!! It will require a ball, some weights, and a band.  Check it out and see some new work out ideas.  If you are wanting another workout check out all my other Sweat Sessions out here! I hope you enjoy!!! If you like […]

Work In Progress!

Work In Progress!!   How many of us look in the mirror and say something negative about ourselves.  I know I do. More often then I like to admit.  The thing I find hard to do is to just be positive.  Remember Inner Beauty is way more important than outer beauty. You are doing a […]

How To Prevent Shin Splints

How To Prevent Shin Splints Shin splints are annoying and a really hard to get rid of once you have them.  Try these simple exercises to try and avoid them. One good way to help prevent shin splints is to do ankle circles or draw the alphabet with your toes.  Also do heal toe taps.  […]

Need some snack ideas?

Need some snack ideas? So many of you have emailed wanting some snack ideas. It is so hard to reach for healthy food because there is so much junk food that is readily available!!! I get it, really I do!! For me the easiest snack is fruit or veggies.  You can take them anywhere and […]

June’s Give-A-Way Rocks!!!

June’s Give-A-Way Rocks!!! I can not believe it’s JUNE!!! Wow the months are flying by, right?!? Anyhow this month’s give-a-way totally rocks!! Another one that I want to keep for myself 🙂 All the below Pampered Chef items were donated by my sister-in-law Michelle Holm. Check her out HERE!! First up… These set of 6 […]