Why I Do What I Do!!

Why I Do What I Do!!

Hey y’all I have so many people who ask me why I do what I do!  Well here are just a few examples!!

First off everyone’s life was made to shine!

Why I Do What I Do!!

My main concern is to make sure you remember that!! If I can give you motivation to do that, I’m happy.

However, it is nice to hear how I have helped you.  So here are just a few other reasons why I do what I do!

” I just stood in front of the pantry and had a battle…tortillas or fruit.  I ran today with the kids in the stroller and have eaten clean all day.  I thought about choosing my hard and decided I want to swim with my kids this summer and not be self conscious   I want to wear shorts in 95 degree weather.  So, here I sit, eating a bowl of oranges and apples!  One day, One battle at a time!”

“I just worked out for the first time in months / years. I’m choosing my hard.”

“I’m quitting smoking and eating better. I’m choosing my hard!”

“I’ve been letting myself go for years.  It’s been hard to even find the courage to buy new cloths because I don’t fit into my old ones.  I don’t want to go up any more sizes!!  I am starting to walk/jog today!  I’m choosing my hard.

Hi Cecily! I have been seeing your shared recipes pop up on my Facebook – just in time for me to be making some major changes to my diet! I just got a juicer and Vitamix-like blender. I’m going to order Rawfully Organic for next week. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for sharing those recipes, they helped motivate me to try something new!  {Bridgett S.}

One down one to go. #changingmylifeforgood thanks to a post from my friend Cecily ‘tired of starting over?quit giving up’ {Michelle W.}

I love your inspiration blogs and sharings. Thank you {Mary A.}

Why I Do What I Do!!

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Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! 🙂
Cecily Holm

Why I Do What I Do!!

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