How To Plan For a Healthy Meatless Monday!

How to Plan for a HEALTHY meatless Monday!! Ok Ok I know it’s not Monday but it will be in a few days so let’s plan now!  There is all kind of things you can do to make dinner fun, easy, and different.  Remember in earlier posts we discussed planning.  If you want to make […]

5 easy steps to menu planning!

So many have emailed asking how to meal plan when you order from co-op.  Even if you don’t order from a co-op buying in bulk is so beneficial.  For one it saves you from going to the store so many times (that alone saves me money because I don’t get sucked into buying things I […]

sams club of fruit

How many of you have a Sam’s Club or Costco Card? We do but never go because they always seem to make me have anxiety.  The fact that you have so much to take home and find a place for is more than my brain can handle.  Where do you put everything? Will you ever […]