So….I ate it today!!!

So…. I ate it today!!! And let me tell you it hurt.  I have been running forever and before I was sick I ran at a decent speed.  Since all my surgeries I have slowed down tremendously. Anyhow today I was in a hurry to get my run in.  { we went out of town […]

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate?

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate? Are you in the ZONE?!? I have had tons of people ask me about how to find their Target Heart Rate {THR}.  I’m in a love hate relationship with it because it has a lot to do with the climate. {in my opinion}  If you live in Houston […]

What is the Etiquette for…

What is the Etiquette for… Most of you know I LOVE RUNNING!!! It helps me think, relax, and unwind.  To me it’s just a way of life. Running provided quiet time for me when my littles were just babies. It was an outlet for me when I was going through chemo!!!  {see me running for […]

This hair is…

This hair is… I went running today and thought I was going to die.  No joke y’all.  I was thinking about what life would look like with out me. Lol  🙂 Here’s the deal… I decided that I would go out for a 10 mile run at 9 AM. I dropped the kids off at […]

So Here’s My Question?!

So Here’s My Question?! Hi Y’all!!! I hope your day has been AMAZING!!!!  Mine has been great.  But I really want to be back here running on the beach in nice 80 degree temps.  🙂  No I’m just joking.  I mean I would but I’m enjoying today too. 🙂 Anyhow I received sooo many emails […]

It’ a HOT commodity!!

It’ a HOT commodity!! Wouldn’t you agree time is the most valuable commodity?!?  Everyone is busy! It’s how God made us to be.  {remember ideal hands is the devil’s playground} Anyhow that’s why I always say to make sure you know what you are doing during your workout before you even start!!! You are already […]

Does any one else have issues…

Does any one else have issues… Does any one else have issues getting your water in?  I don’t during the day it’s while I’m running that gives me issues!!! I can go, go, go and then all of a sudden I bottom out! During the summer months this can be super dangerous. Studies have shown […]

Sweat Session # 20

Sweat Session # 20 Hey y’all Sweat Session # 20 is up and ready for you!!!  Remember to check out other Sweat Sessions HERE! I hope you enjoy this one!  It is packed with a super easy work out that will be great for killing your legs and butt! Give it a try and let […]

Work In Progress!

Work In Progress!!   How many of us look in the mirror and say something negative about ourselves.  I know I do. More often then I like to admit.  The thing I find hard to do is to just be positive.  Remember Inner Beauty is way more important than outer beauty. You are doing a […]

How To Prevent Shin Splints

How To Prevent Shin Splints Shin splints are annoying and a really hard to get rid of once you have them.  Try these simple exercises to try and avoid them. One good way to help prevent shin splints is to do ankle circles or draw the alphabet with your toes.  Also do heal toe taps.  […]

Sweat Session # 12

Sweat Session # 12 Hey y’all! Sweat Session #12 is up!!! Remember this workout can be added to any of the other Sweat Sessions seen here!! {please note that I filmed several other Sweat Sessions this day… it may not be as hard for you as it was for me 🙂 } If you like […]

All It Takes Is Determination!!

All It Takes Is Determination!! I teach 9th grade Youth and absolutely love it!!!  This week our study was over sacrificing.  Hmm.  Not a word most of us really like. But it does make you think. Everything we do is a sacrifice. We buy a vehicle and we sacrifice our money.  We work more and we sacrifice […]

Check Out These Workouts!

Check Out These Workouts!! Hey y’all I hope you enjoy these workouts!! Sweat Session #11 can be added to any of the other Sweat Sessions seen HERE!! Sweat Session # 11   Sweat Session #13 If you like these videos give us a thumbs up!!  Also like us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and!! […]

Need Help Staying Motivated During A Work Out?

Need Help Staying Motivated During A Work Out? I have had several people ask me how I stay motivated during my workout!! It is super tough to do I will admit.  My advice is to find a partner if that works for you.  Sometimes this helps make you stay moving during your workouts or join […]

New Sweat Sessions!

  New Sweat Sessions! I know so many of you are dying for some new Sweat Sessions!  You can see older ones here!  Also remember next camp starts Monday April 22 so Register Today!! Sweat Session #8 Sweat Session #9 {summer booty blast} What do you think?  Have you tried them?  What can we add […]