This was me a year ago running while on Chemo?!

Running while on Chemo!

Can you believe this was me. Almost one year ago to the day!!!

And this was me today finishing my first race since battleing breast cancer!

This was me a year ago running while on Chemo?!

I ran my 1st Marathon since being diagnosed with cancer and little miss. ran through the finish line!

It was a very emotional day to say the least. My sweet husband held me for like what felt like an hour while I balled my eyes out after I finished!!!

This was me a year ago running while on Chemo?!

I love him!! So glad God made him for me!

It was just so crazy to think about what we have been through. Today was a huge mile stone for us. Even though I have one more surgery to go it was like we could finally breath. I would never take back what I have been through because I have met so many people and was able to be a light for Jesus. I am just glad it’s over.

Have you ever had that moment where you felt like you could finally breath or hit a huge milestone? Let me know what it was. Leave a comment I would be glad to hear from you!!!

Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!

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  1. 3

    Kelly Thomas says

    You are such an inspiration Cecily! Thanks for sharing. It helps me to know if you can make it through something that big and overcome it , I can make it through my battle to loose weight too! I’ve lost 15 lbs and you inspire me to keep going. Thanks!!

  2. 7

    Jackie Baker says

    You did an awesome job Cecily! It was such an honor to see you run through the finish line.You inspired me to run my first half and to do so much more. You and your family have been such an example and blessing to Andrew and I.

    • 8


      Ahh thanks so much Jackie!!! We really appreciated y’all being there! We wish we could have been there for you. Next one promise because I know your addicted now!

  3. 9

    jennifer canady says

    Cecily! That’s awesome! Several of my friends had reposted your blog and I thought shes in my BSF Group:) What a superwoman:) See you Wednesday.

    • 10


      Hey girl!! Thanks so much. It was not easy by any means. I just had to do it for me. It felt like a way to close the chapter if that makes since!

      See you Wed!!

  4. 11


    Hi Cecily,

    My sister Amber Allison, shared your link, with you running a year ago during your chemo. I was so deeply touched by it, I had to tell you. Amber has often spoke of you and your strength and I feel so blessed to have been able to witness it, myself! Thank you for sharing! God Bless, Heather

    • 12


      Thank you so much Heather! I’m glad you liked it! That has always been my hope to help others. P.S. I love Amber she has been such a blessing for me too!

  5. 13

    Shelley says

    Wow, Cecily!!! You are so amazing. I’m sitting in my car crying at how inspirational your message is. I’ve been feeling pretty lazy and lousy lately. I just have no excuse! I will sweat today because of you. I will probably come back to this post many times when I say, I’m too tired or I don’t have time. God knew you were strong enough to handle cancer but, you have gone so much further than just survivor; you are awe inspiring!

  6. 17

    Ruth says

    Hi. I just found your site. I’m 28 and half way through chemo for my sarcoma. It’s making me so determined to be as fit as possible. Any suggestions for exercise/running whilst having the chemo? X

    • 18


      Hmm… Well I always was an avid runner and worked out all the time before chemo so I knew how much I could and could not do. I really tried to run/walk a mile every day I felt well. I would also try and work out a few times a week. I started eating mostly raw foods as well. That’s when I ordered The Cancer Free Guide. Chapter 5 goes over foods you should not eat so I follow that to the T!! Hope that helps let me know if you have any other questions. I will add you to my prayers!!! Please keep me updated on your progress 🙂


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