sams club of fruit

How many of you have a Sam’s Club or Costco Card? We do but never go because they always seem to make me have anxiety.  The fact that you have so much to take home and find a place for is more than my brain can handle.  Where do you put everything? Will you ever eat the entire box of cereal?  How do you store it all anyway?  Will it even fit in the pantry shelf?  The questions just go on and on in my mind.  As you can see Sam’s Club may not be the best thing for my OCD.

Anyhow since operation more fruits and veggies started sams club of fruit

I signed up for Rawfully Organic Co-Op.  I love it! The best part is you never know what you are going to get.  To me it’s like a party in a box.  The only drawback is it’s sort of the Sam’s Club of Fruit! I must admit I get a little anxious about having so many fruits and veggies in my house.  The same questions go through my mind.  Where am I going to put all this? My answer is here!sams club of fruit

And here!

sams club of fruit

Oh yeah, and here!sams club of fruit

Will we eat all this stuff?  How will I keep it from going bad? (Hint:  Get some big produce bags from the store and put all your greens in there.  Get all the air out and twist shut to keep super fresh for a week!)sams club of fruit You get the picture.

The funny thing is that it ALWAYS gets eaten.  Rarely does it go bad.   If it does I’m fine because you know it’s fresh.  There is no shelf life in real food!

sams club of fruit

Just remember to eat things that look like they may go bad first!

You just have to work at finding ways to fit it in your meals.  Plan on bringing snacks (fruit or cut up veggies) with you.   sams club of fruit

If I know I will be gone for a while I pack a salad for me and cut up a bunch of things for the kids.  I hate paying to eat lunch out when I have tons of food at home.

The most important thing is you can’t be lazy when ordering from a co-op.  Plan, Plan, Plan.  From meals, to snacks, to dehydrating. I always cut things up and have them ready to eat when the kids want a snack.  See the fruit salad below in the glass container!sams club of fruit Here are some carrots and tomatoes ready to go in the glass container too. sams club of fruitThese pineapples will be dehydrated and the bananas will be pealed cut in half and frozen when they brown.  If they last that long!sams club of fruit

Keep it simple but plan.  You can do it.  My advice is, if you are like me, breath.  Take it one step of faith at a time.  Start with a small share and move up as you get used to the idea of so much food.  By the way all these pictures are from a share and a half and I still didn’t show you all the pictures.  I didn’t want to send those OCDers like me through the roof!:)

Any thoughts or suggestions of your own to add??  I would love to hear!

Have a great day friends and remember to SWEAT!!!


P.S.  Last photo I promise but this one is from my hubby’s 40th birthday!sams club of fruit

And the party favors were ORANGES!!!



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