How Much Fat Is Too Much?

How Much Fat Is Too Much?

How Much Fat Is Too Much?

This is always a touchy subject but fat is not bad for you. Remember our body needs fat to lubricate our joints, keep our skin nice and moisturized, and keep our bodies maintained but we need the good fats.

Did you know that the recommended amount of fat is 25/60 grams a day?  If you are not very active try staying closer to the 30 mark!! That’s not a lot at all! That’s at least 215 calories from fat daily.

Remember for every 5 grams of fat there is 1 tsp of fat. Sounds like a lot but unfortunately most of us take in over 100 grams of fat daily!  That’s a 1/2 cup of lard. Since there is 9 calories per gram of fat that is a whopping 900 calories daily from fat alone that most of consume!!!

This is a huge reason why high blood pressure and heart disease is on the rise. Not to mention it’s hard to maintain your weight, and raises your risk for cancer!

What can we do to change this in our daily food choices?  Well, find the fat, take it out, and replace it with good fat.

What are the good fats?

These are the unsaturated fats or MUFAS.  These have positive effects on your cholesterol. Vegetable oils, flax, fish oil, nuts, olive oil, and salmon are all good sources of this.  Remember when using oils spray it not drizzle.  I use the Pampered Chef spritzer.  It is great for spraying oils evenly.

Using Chicken?  Buy the breast , and trim the fat off of it.  This is a great way to take fat out of your diet.  Plus chemicals from pesticides stay in the animal fat {if not using organic}. Trimming the fat helps keep chemicals from your diet too.  You can always add some good fat to your food if needed.

Another great idea is to drain the fat from your meat.  Right before it gets finished cooking and it’s still pink pour it into a colander. Rinse it for a few minutes and continue cooking.{not the best idea to drain the fat in down the sink it can clog it up, trust me I know :)}

The next time you make a salad add some EVOO, some almonds,

How Much Fat Is Too Much?

or avocad.

How Much Fat Is Too Much?

Skip the creamy dressing because those are loaded with saturated fat.


Remember the bad fats are the saturated or trans fats! {these are the ugly ones.. they add shelf life to food}

How Much Fat Is Too Much?

Examples of saturated fats are butter

How Much Fat Is Too Much?


and animal fat.

Also remember butter is not natural and neither is margarine.  Butter has more saturated fat than lard.  Isn’t that crazy?!?!?  Margarine is known for having a bunch of hydrogenated fat.  That’s why it’s easier to spread.

What you can do instead of adding butter or margarine to your bread

  •  is use a low sugar jam, apple butter, honey, or all natural peanut butter.  
  • When you are sauteing food use a spritzer.  You have more coverage and control of the amount of oil you are using.   
  • If needing to make grilled cheese or garlic toast you can just paint it on with a brush.
  • Try baking with applesauce instead of butter

What about cheese you ask.

How Much Fat Is Too Much?

Just try and keep it to a few ounces a day.  Also melting it can make it go a long way.  Nutritional yeast works as a great cheese substitute.  Sprinkle it on your veggies or popcorn.  Add it to your salads or dressings.

What are your thoughts?  How do you avoid fats? I would love to hear from you!

Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!

Cecily Holm

How Much Fat Is Too Much?


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