Stir Fry Recipe!!

Stir Fry Recipe!! Reminder: Register Today!!  Next AM Camp starts Tuesday 4/15 & PM Camp starts 4/21 Stir Fry Recipe!! Uncle Ben’s whole grain Instant brown rice.  I used Quinoa a lot.  You can make both like the back of the box says to. 2 skinless boneless chicken breast; trim fat and cut into […]


So….I ate it today!!!

final 4

So…. I ate it today!!! And let me tell you it hurt.  I have been running forever and before I was sick I ran at a decent speed.  Since all my surgeries I have slowed down tremendously. Anyhow today I was in a hurry to get my run in.  { we went out of town […]

Do You Have One Of These?!

ready to drink smoothie

Do You Have One Of These?! Do you have a picky eater?  Yup I’m there with you.  The thought of even cooking dinner gives me an eye twitch.  I really don’t like it when I cook and my kids don’t eat it. Then you have the your kids must eat so many fruits and veggies […]

Why is it when you get older…

me and car ride spring break 14

Why is it when you get older… Why is it when you are older… YOU CAN NOT RIDE AMUSEMENT  PARK RIDES!!! When Corey and I first met we went to the Rodeo for work. After hours of begging him to ride a ride with me. He gave in but only because he was in love […]

Fortunately we have a choice!!!

caroline kpark game

Fortunately we have a choice!!! We have choices in life and that’s an amazing thing.  Unfortunately we don’t always make the right ones. We can choose not to work out, choose not to eat the candy we bought our children for Valentines Day, or the candy we bought our Sunday school class {that they never […]

We Had A Blast!!!

Cecily hair and makeup

We Had A Blast!!! Some of you may know I won the Family Time Women of Achievement Visionary Award!  {Read about that here}  Anyhow we had a blast!! It was so fun to get dressed up for a change. You know since I’m always in workout gear! 🙂  Thanks to my friend Hanna for helping […]

No Caroline… You can’t get to HEAVEN like that!!!

cam and car love

No Caroline… You can’t get to HEAVEN like that!!! Right after my last surgery  the kids and I were laying in bed talking.  {Even though sometimes bed time can be one of the most stressful times of day I still love to listen to some of the things the kids talk about. 🙂   } […]

Need a NEW KALE Recipe?

kale quinoa salad

Need a NEW KALE Recipe? This one is GREAT!!! It’s easy and super yummy!!! Ingredients: 1/2 cup chicken stalk {make your own or use low sodium} 2 garlic cloves 1/2 red or white onion smoked sun dried tomatoes handful of olives 2 cups KALE 1/2 cup quinoa pasta Directions: add chicken stalk and saute the […]

The most STRESSFUL week EVER!!!

house front yard

The most STRESSFUL week EVER!!! We put our house on the market!!!! I know I know it really shouldn’t be that stressful and really I could think of weeks that were worse than this one.  {but for real this was bad}  My face broke out, I had a fever blister the size of a quarter, […]

AND THEN… the mother of all nastiness happened

pumpkins in grapvine

AND THEN… the mother of all nastiness happened I turned 32!!! {No that’s not the nasty part} We took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for my birthday and we had a blast.  I’ll be the first to admit that I did NOT want to go there for my birthday.  Really, who want’s to pack […]

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate?

seabrook marathon

Do You Know Your Target Heart Rate? Are you in the ZONE?!? I have had tons of people ask me about how to find their Target Heart Rate {THR}.  I’m in a love hate relationship with it because it has a lot to do with the climate. {in my opinion}  If you live in Houston […]

I Won An Award!!!

I'm more excited

I Won An Award!!! I am so stinkin excited. As many of you know I love what I do.  I even wrote a blog post on it here.  I love each and every one of you.  It’s fun to write my thoughts or just random things I know about health and fitness. Yes, I have […]

What I Packed For…

lunch notes

What I Packed For… Well Business as usual in the Holm house after a few weeks of rest due to surgery!!! Today the kids had off of school.  We had a blast just hanging out today!  The kids played in the front yard. It was fun watching them make up workouts!!! 🙂 🙂 I was […]

Surgery Went Well!!!

cecily in hospital

Surgery Went Well!!! Thanks everyone for your prayers. The day of surgery went well!! I was able to come home that night.  Yea!!! I haven’t been able to sleep well because it hurts to lean back and I can’t get comfortable.  I did make my way to this chair. It’s sort of my permanent residency […]

Yup It’s Surgery Time Again…

cameron piano

Yup It’s Surgery Time Again…  It’s that time again!  Yup! My LAST surgery is tomorrow {Tuesday @ 1 pm} 🙂 YEA!!!!! I’m super excited. It has been a long road but one worth traveling. I know that sounds so weird considering so many “bad” things have happened.  All I can say is WOW!  I have […]